Clean & Simple Data Aggregation
Mobile Operational Performance
Employment Compliance Monitoring



Clean & Simple Data Aggregation
Mobile Operational Performance
Employment Compliance Monitoring with WageSafe

Introducing ClearView by Resurg

Your single source of truth for your entire franchise operational data, including employment compliance

Manage Multiple
Data Sources

Are you tired of managing multiple data sources?
Then wake up to ClearView, the first data aggregation service designed specifically for franchisors who’d rather spend their time making more informed data-driven decisions.

Provide Online Analytics
or Franchisees

Empower your franchisees to be active participants in the collective growth of your network. With ClearView, they can view their own store’s data and benchmark it against others. An interactive desktop dashboard ensures Head office also has easy and fast access to data.

Monitor Your
Employment Compliance

Preserve your brand’s reputation and avoid potential penalties by better managing your employment obligations. WageSafe pulls franchisee compliance data from multiple data sources and presents it in a single platform for greater transparency and insights.

The secret to producing more powerful operational analytics is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Collect and Collate Your Data

    Firstly, connect, collect and store all your franchisee operational data into one integrated platform. One that’s fast, flexible and fully customisable. One that can pull data from any (and every) data source. One that comes with ongoing management and support. Welcome to Clearview by Resurg….more

  • Gain a Complete Picture of Your Operational Performance

    Next, use the data collected to gain a complete picture of your operating performance. Then, drill down to analyse data from a particular region or franchisee. Perhaps you’d rather examine your franchisee benchmark data to identify leading, and lagging, stores. Or empower your BDMs with real-time performance results before they even enter a store. Plus, do this anywhere, anytime with information on your mobile device, or via our interactive desktop dashboard, designed especially for the head office team. It’s all possible now that you have ClearView by Resurg…more

  • Stay on Top of Your Employment Obligations

    But the most remarkable thing about ClearView? It provides a smarter, faster and simpler way to manage, monitor and audit your employment compliance risks.  You’ll discover issues earlier, limit potential exposure and ensure you stay on top of obligations. You can identify only the areas that need auditing and solve compliance issues faster than ever before…more

Expertly Managed

At Resurg, we’re in this for the long haul. So, when we design a solution for you, we’ll expertly manage the entire thing. From design and build to updates, changes and repairs, we take care of the lot, so you don’t have to.

Network Operational Analytics in Action

When one of Australia’s best-known holiday park franchises came to us concerned that key data was not easily accessible to the franchisees, we set to work delivering a completely mobile operational data app that provides franchisors and franchisees with the data to make more informed business decisions.


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