Know and Promote to Your Regional Market

Creating and executing targeted marketing campaigns directed specifically at your regional or local community can have many positive effects on your business.  Below are ten helpful tips with explanations as to how ‘looking after the locals’ will benefit you.

  1. If you are a franchisee, do your research first: As with any marketing initiative, it’s important to observe the guidelines provided by your Franchisor if you have one, and to know who the preferred suppliers are, and what agreements the Franchisor has established, before authorising any local rates or agreements.

  1. Cooperative marketing initiatives and packages between suppliers and/operators:

Consider approaching other business owners within your immediate local area (If you are in an urban area, this would apply to the immediate shopping or industrial precinct under which you operate) about packaging or couponing deals together. There may be another local business owner with products or services that compliment your own, and with whom you already conduct mutual business. Therefore, to offer a cooperative deal which is exclusively available only to your local community, or residents under your postal code, is of benefit to all involved.

  1. The benefits of setting contra deals with other local businesses:

What services can certain local businesses offer that may be of benefit to your business? For example, use of shop window/in-store display space in exchange for goods or services.

  1. Exclusive, locals-only regional specials for local residents within your postal code district, to build repeat business and local profile (brand awareness). In addition to this, if your business is within the retail travel sector, also ensure that your staff are familiar with any existing local/regional rates available from local venues/suppliers/operators, as they will have more of a competitive edge and increased sales activity.  Be sure to observe commission rates of course, and be aware of your franchisor’s preferred suppliers.
  1. Rewards programs and loyalty clubs for local/regional residents:

Do you currently, or have you considered introducing an exclusive club or rewards program offer to your immediate community, so that they may be the first to hear of your specials and receive exclusive offers? You can also use this system to implement rewards point programs to encourage return business, and by adding members to your mailing list your are increasing the reach of your marketing power and the community’s awareness and promotion of your business.


  1. Targeted regional group business development:

If you are the owner of a travel agency or accommodation venue, it’s that time of the year again, when local institutions and organisations, whether they be banks, schools, sporting groups, government departments (or any company that employs a large amount of people) will be looking to book their end of year Christmas Party or Social Club function. It’s a perfect time for you or a member of your staff to make contact and ascertain whether they could utilise your services!

For retail store owners, targeted marketing to institutions/companies/organisations with many staff members could help you develop long-term agreements with companies who require your products/services on an ongoing basis for multiple locations.

In the case of Resurg members who operate optical or pharmaceutical retail stores, it would be of benefit to you to establish if those local institutions already have staff benefit schemes in place that may require your products and services for an ongoing basis.

  1. Private  Facebook groups for members of local loyalty/rewards program:

Facebook isn’t only about ‘friend requests’, ‘photo liking’ and sharing personal information. Facebook also has other separate functions which allow businesses to interact with the public without sharing a personal profile, and vice-versa. One of these functions is Facebook groups; the content of which can be set so that it can only be viewed by members whom you allow to join the group. This enables you to share updates and specials with your local community without any breach of anyone’s privacy. If you’d like to know how to create one of these private group pages for your business, please contact Resurg’s Becks Treagus, as she is more than happy to assist.


  1. Regional Government/Council Enterprise Development Agencies:

Each region of Australia has a local bureaucratic agency for the purpose of economic development, responsible for stimulating growth in the region’s diverse economic sectors. It is their role to assist the region’s growth through attracting new business, investment and infrastructure, and marketing the region to visitors and potential new residents. Most of these agencies will also hold regional networking events, allowing business owners and influential members of the community to interact with one another. Get in touch with your region’s enterprise development agency to find out how they can better assist you by promoting your business.


  1. Local directories: These days, for any given area of the country there are multiple contact directories made available, both online and as books delivered to households and businesses. It’s important to be aware of which publications display your details and whether the details are correct. One incorrect listing could amount to years’ worth of lost revenue.


  1. If it is within your budget, find out which high-profile community events in your region require sponsorship. Sponsoring a local charity or community event can lift the local profile of your business. To be seen as giving back to the community is to be seen as being part of the community, and will also create brand awareness.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions relating to any of the above topics.

By Becks Treagus