Healthy Habits for Travel Agents

Rudolph Giuliani may well be remembered as being mayor of New York City on September 11th. However, before this
day he had already become world renowned as the person who transformed New York City from the murder capital of the USA to one of the safest capital cities in the world. Reading his autobiography titled ‘Leadership,’ it is apparent that one of the keys to his success was the ability to benchmark the performance of his administration and constantly communicate these results to his team.

While Giuliani did use benchmarking to identify areas of poor performance, he found it far more effective to use benchmarking to measure progress being made on goals set. The former Mayor believes that achievements must be measured. If he was setting long-term goals, he would break them down into a set of shorter achievements that could be measured along the way. Metrics are key to measuring performance.

In the setting of a a travel agency your dashboard provides you with exactly the type of information you need to apply Giuliani’s technique to drive improvements in your business. In the recent round of Harvey World Travel state meetings Resurg partner Sean Johns challenged those not already benefitting from their dashboard to commit to the habit of spending at least ten minutes a month analysing both agency and consultant performance using your dashboard.

When conducting a review of your agency’s performance ask yourself the following five questions…

1. Which Key Results have improved – this year versus
last year?
2. Is your growth (Agency Growth) in sales and income
better than other agencies? (Benchmark Growth)?
3. What are the 3 Top Attention Areas this month, where
do you rank in the network?
4. What are the yield results for consultants in Insurance
and overall when looking at the yield table in the top
right corner and who could improve their results?
5. Are consultants income levels above or below budget
and are there any big

When conducting a review of individual consultant performance follow these steps:
1. Start by reviewing key results (bottom left) for both the
current month and year to date.
2. Now use the Sales & Income graphs in the middle to
review performance on a monthly basis against targets.
3. Compare this month’s results against the same month
last year. Use the slide bar below the graphs to alter the
period being reviewed.
4. Then review performance in 3 other areas using the tick
box above the graphs – “Service Fees”, “Insurance” and
“Other Key Results”.
5. Toggle between consultants using the dropdown at the
top of the screen.
6. Use the print function to
Once you have got into the healthy habit of analysing your performance monthly remember this is only half the battle. The key is benefitting from the dashboard is not only to understand performance yourself, but to communicate this information with your team. The more information you share with your team, the more they will understand and the more motivated they will become.