Getting the Most Out of Your Financial Dashboard

A new financial year presents a great motivator for business improvement. It also presents a prime opportunity for you to review your agency’s practices in terms of your Sales and Productivity Monitor (Financial Dashboard).

The Sales and Productivity Monitor, when utilised to its full potential, allows you to manage your business better with less effort, and to produce more consistent and profitable results.

To ensure that you are capitalising on this valuable business tool, here are some tips for areas of concentration:

  1. Conduct a monthly owner’s review of your agency’s sales and productivity performance using your financial dashboard. This review should cover:


ü  Key results

ü  Top attention areas

ü  Yield

ü  A high level overview of individual performance.


  1. Conduct a monthly detailed review of individual consultant performance. This can be conducted as part of the owner’s monthly review, but should also be upheld as a regular performance communication session for individual consultants. Areas to cover include:


ü  Sales & income performance versus last year and budget

ü  Service fee performance versus last year and budget

ü  Insurance performance versus last year and budget

ü  Key results performance versus last year and budget


If you have any questions or require further instruction in how to best utilise your Resurg Financial Dashboard for the year ahead, please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are more than happy to assist.