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Resurg Senior Business Coach; Sean Johns

What is the Resurg Business Improvement Coaching Program?

The program is built on two principles:

The Foundation
Resurg has accumulated ten years of experience and extensive knowledge in driving positive business change, business improvements and management effectiveness by working with our clients to identify and develop the key drivers of business and industry best practices. Our experience has been gained by working directly with thousands of clients, small business owners, operators and managers who own the responsibility for the success or failure of their businesses.

Resurg combines our leadership in data management and business intelligence with our recognised, industry leading coaches, who are experts in their respective fields. Our coaches apply a tried and tested methodology, supported by business tools developed while delivering solutions for the thousands of issues, challenges, and failures experienced by our clients, as well as how to capitalise on the ideas and successes of our clients.

The Methodology
Resurg coaches do not own the business improvement and change process but provide the tools to drive sustainable business improvement and positive change. Enablement is the underlying methodology; coaches share their expertise, knowledge, and experience to educate and train clients in how to review their businesses and identify the issues, challenges and opportunities. The coach facilitates the process in 3 key ways:

1)     Provide a structured approach to task-action prioritising and planning to drive and deliver quantifiable results
2)     Provide assistance and direction in developing and aligning the resources in the business to the goals of the business
3)     Provide support and leadership in enabling clients to make decisions, commit to those decisions and take accountability for delivering on their commitments

The methodology leads to greater satisfaction, energy and a sense of achievement.  Greater energy leads to greater results leads to greater satisfaction leads to greater energy leads to greater results leads to greater satisfaction…..get the picture!!

Is the big issue an age old problem that cannot be solved?
The number one issue raised by our clients and most small business owners, operators and managers is simply time or rather the lack of time to focus on the strategic imperatives of the business, when they are trapped on the floor running the day to day operations. To address and possibly resolve this issue requires a material change in management behaviours and processes.

70% of owners, operators and managers believe they have to and do the majority of the operational work in the business leaving very little time to stop and think about the bigger picture of how to grow and sustain their business. The first step is assessing how to utilise their existing resources to allow management to make the time to look at that bigger picture.

Can you actually create time for your clients?
I find the best approach to attempting to resolve the time management problem, is to start at the start by conducting a detailed review of what I call a functional-task organisation chart. Identify who is responsible for and owns the main tasks of the business, detail those tasks into a day to day scheduled timeline and look for opportunities to delegate or schedule non time critical task to alternative times or days. Find that one hour a day!
Of course, the majority of the time it is the owner, operator or manager who owns the majority of the tasks and it will require their full commitment to change their behaviour and process, but I like to start with one easy challenge, tell me why you do not have one hour a day?

How do you find solutions for your clients?
Referring back to the underlying methodology of the Resurg Business Improvement Program, being enablement, it is about educating, training, providing the tools and leading the client through the process to find the solutions.
Whether it is a capital, staffing or general management issues, the process remains the same; identify, define, commit, plan tasks, implement actions, overcome roadblocks and document the solution. The coach is there to support and lead the client through the process and offer advice when required to assist in defeating the too-hard roadblocks.

How is coaching effective as a long term program for clients?
First of all we all realise that markets, industries and businesses, are constantly changing and in order to stay competitive owners, operators and managers must make the time to find that hour to look at the big picture and be committed to change.
Business improvement is an ongoing journey, as we never stop learning, growing and changing. The long term value of a coach for business owners, operators and managers is to have an unrelated third party to help keep them focussed on creating and utilising that one hour by creating and managing their action plan to drive results.

What differentiates Resurg’s style of coaching from other coaching services?
It will always come back to experience, knowledge and complementary skills leadership, as an industry leader in the small business market in data management and business intelligence we combine the numbers with ten years of management consulting to deliver a holistic approach to driving sustainable long term business improvement for our clients.
As a business owner, an excellent goal is a yes to these questions?
1)     Do you feel you are exceeding your expectations in your business?
2)     Do you have a good structure for planning, actioning and maximising the people and resources of your business?
3)     Do you feel your time is too much focused on the delivery of your services rather than on the building and growing of your business?
4)     Do you feel you could really benefit from the guidance and ongoing support of a specialised business coach and performance management business?

* There are Government subsidies available for tourism and rural businesses.  If you wish to know more please contact us.

Sean Johns, Partner
Sean Johns has worked in training, sales and management positions in education, funds management, banking and retail travel. Prior to forming Resurg, he held the position of director of franchise with a retail travel group, responsible for 380 franchises nationwide with revenue of more than $650 million a year.
Sean brings an acute understanding of small business to his work in Resurg. He oversees the education and implementation programs, conducts selected parts of the education program, speaks at conferences, and undertakes business development with partner Mark Jenkins.
Sean is passionate about his work in Resurg. “What I enjoy most is seeing first-hand when the lights come on for small business owners,” he says. “It’s when they see the financial results that show them the impact on profit of the small changes they have made in key areas. Our methodology is practical and simple, and I enjoy being able to provide workable long term solutions that help our clients.”

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