How to Network in 2014

8710606842_a120a5d1c1_zMay of us wouldn’t like to think of ourselves as ‘networkers’ but almost all business

owners are. Whatever your business, your success relies on reaching as many
potential customers as possible and letting them know who you are and what you do.

Business networking can be defined as the process of establishing a mutually beneficial
relationship with other business people and potential clients and/or customers. It can
take the form of anything from a phone call to a Performance Group meeting to a

The purpose of business networking is to increase business revenue -one way or
another. It may be that it leads you to gain a new client or that you learn a new business
skill, either way it involves others and helps to improve your business.

Here are some tips for better business networking:

•  Create and maintain a database (contact details, special interests, major
•  Build a positive profile in your community -call people by name, wear a name
badge, sponsor on a local basis. Attend 1 or 2 networking functions regularly and
become known as the key person locally in your industry.

•  Everyone should have a rehearsed 60 second pitch for that moment you get
asked what do you do. This will allow you to easily and quickly articulate what
your business offers, and the benefits it may have for the person you’re speaking

•  Try to avoid gravitating towards those you know at events. Make the effort to get
to know others who you haven’t met before. Likewise, try not to get stuck talking
to the same person for the entire evening.

•  Always carry a business card and keep all cards you receive in a business card
book. . Business networking relies heavily on being able to contact people, or be
contacted when an opportunity arises. Business cards provide information to
facilitate this communication.

•  Another great way to keep track of contacts are online networking tools such as

•  Remember just because you can’t sell directly to the person in front of you, every
business person will have their own network of trusted business associates, and
there is nothing more powerful than a personal recommendation from a friend.
Final Thought: If someone is kind enough to refer a potential client to you, thank them
and let them know the result of the referral.