10 Novel Ideas for Marketing Your Business

6979916400_5a440b6c29_zGetting your business out there can be tough. However you do not necessarily need a multi million dollar campaign to get the word out. Indeed with a bit of ingenuity you can make your business st
and out while at the same time not spending that much money!
  1. Record a video- Video cameras are now a lot cheaper to get hold of and editing software even more so (and in some cases even free). Doing something silly can often stand out (not to mention the fact that people are more likely to share it!) You may want to give your opinion on recent stories, review a movie you just watched or even use it to demonstrate your products in a fun and unusual way.
  1. Give to get- Clever giveaways can often stand out. For example a tax firm gave out branded condoms to university students. While you may not necessarily want to go down that route something like this is likely to get people’s attention!
  1. Do something big for charity- Do a marathon dressed as a pantomime horse, get your head shaved, break a world record and so forth. This is the kind of thing that gets people talking and does a lot of good at the same time. Don’t forget to let the local paper know what you’re up to.
  1. Invent a hashtag- Whether it is your local area, your business or whatever getting people to promote themselves alongside you can make a big difference.Not sure what a hashtag is…then look it up on Wikipedia…not sure what Wikipedia is…then this one may not be for you!
  1. Write a book- Does your business have an interesting story / history? With self-publishing sites around and various print companies you can present how you created your business and give people an insight into what you do. Furthermore it could become a hit!
  1. Mystery gifts– Arrange for one customer each night to receive a free bottle of wine with your business card on it at the local restaurant.Or perhaps give a customer with a dirty car a voucher for a free hand car wash.You’ll be surprised how many people they tell!
  1. Flash mob- Get a group of people to randomly dance in your local area (Don’t forget to film it!)
  1. Spooky! – Give Halloween lollies to kids with your branding on it.
  1. Business cards- This one sounds obvious but do you and your key staff have business cards!  Even if this age of digital communication, people love a good old fashioned piece of card. When you staff tell other people what they do they can give out a business card.  Perhaps even consider putting an offer on the back of the card.
  1. Geocaching- You may not have heard of this, but you’ll be surprised how many people have! This is where people leave items in hidden co-ordinates (basically an online treasure hunt). Set up your own and get other businesses and people in your local area involved!

In short the important thing to think about is looking for something that will stand out and get people’s attention. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money but with the right ingenuity you can make more people engage with your business for the right reasons!