5 On & Offline Strategies to Generate Sales over the Christmas Period

How are you Maximising your amount of sales over the Christmas period?

Have you begun your online campaigns as well as in-store promotions?

There is no better time to test the waters with your online strategy than now.

With online being the quickest and easiest way to communicate information, you can share your products/promotions at a much faster rate than you would through snail mail or in-store.  The aim of the game is to first draw your crowd, and then you can begin talking.  Let’s look at the 5 Best Strategies to make this happen:

The 5 Best Strategies For Generating Sales On and Offline

  1. Facebook is an extraordinary platform if used correctly. Through a promotion or competition online, you can increase the traffic and engagement to your site.
    An example of an effective competition is running a “share to enter” competition.
    For example:
    “We have 5 hampers up for grabs and you have the chance to take one home.  All you have to do is share this image on your Facebook to enter..” (Attached image of hamper/poster/products on sale.)
    Not only does this engage your direct followers, but it shares your product, competition and page with all their friends.  When they post it on their wall, others are now able to share this post on their page.To increase your visibility, try “Boosting” your post.  This can be found on the right -bottom corner of the post, in which you pay to increase reach. This is a guaranteed higher reach and visibility on Facebook.

2. Simultaneously you can be running a Facebook Ad campaign, which promotes your Facebook page.  This can target specific demographics such as age, gender, location and interests. This is also an effective way of driving people to your Facebook (where all your fabulous Christmas promotions are posted).  Configure on the top of your Business Facebook page.

3. E-Newsletters may sound pretty standard and stale by now, but you’d be surprised how effective they can be during this period.  With saving money but having a hell of a time being a top priority , people take notice of sales, discounts and promotions.  If you don’t usually send out e-newsletters, make use of your address book and give it a test drive.  Platforms such as Mailchimp are free services that allow you to design visual and engaging newsletters, including inputting images, videos and attachments.
Why not integrate this with the 1st strategy and direct people to the Facebook page where the competition is running?

4. Another integration strategy is between grass-roots and online.  For example, flyers handed out that say “Like our Facebook page to be in the draw to win xyz” is also effective in getting people online and following your sales. Why not have a small free event that brings people in and allows you to plug yourselves online?  This is indirectly channelling them to your running promotions or competitions.

5.  Offer a freebie. Make your service personalised and memorable.  If your customer service is of a high standard and they’ve gotten more value than expected, they are more likely to tell their friends and make a return visit.