How Your Customer Experience and Online-Offline Strategies Go Hand in Hand

While you’re probably settled into the new year by now, have you thought beyond the next 12 months?  While your immediate goals are essential, have you done much forecasting for the next few years?  Predictions for consumer industries are honing in on digital platforms and customer experience strategy,  If the way customers shop evolves, so does your customer experience strategy.  Luckily you’re in the right place.  While our team takes care of your data, we can continue our exploration of your digital (and in-store) strategy.

Resurg Feb nletter poster

Whether part of a franchise network or an independent business, you hopefully have an idea of your customer profiles.  You have also hopefully incorporated some kind of social media and/or PR strategy into your marketing mix. If you haven’t, there are several articles on how and why you should have one.

A customer experience strategy is your key to sustainable growth.   A supermarket is just a supermarket right?  Wrong.  Find your edge, find out what makes people talk and get them talking! if your service is uniquely different and memorable, they WILL tell others, and those others WILL come to your store.  How can you incorporate your online-offline strategy to make this happen?

Well let’s be honest, offering the cheapest price just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Globalisation has kindly welcomed an influx of low quality products to our shelves (and computers…and smart phones) at ludicrous prices, and customers  have caught on.  Customers, who are in fact real people (shock horror), want an emotional connection to what they do.  They want the “Why”.  Give them the why! Who are you to deny them of this?!  Moving on…

3 ways your customer experience strategy flows into your online-offline strategy:

1. Your value propositions for your target audience

If you know this, it will determine how you design your campaigns and where you implement it online and offline.  An example of then incorporating this into your customer experience strategy could be:

A Travel Agent

If your target market were 18 – 15 year olds, you would advertise on Facebook, and run a social media competition on Instagram & Facebook.  You ask that they upload an image of their favourite memory of them on holidays and “share” and ‘like” your business page.  The winner is then given a $100 voucher they can use each year for 3 years.  This focusses on retention and providing consistent customer service.

2. Converting your CE strategy into consistency across the board

Ensure your whole team is across the value-proposition of your customers, and have the ability to consistently provide the relevant service.  If your marketing staff and counter staff aren’t on the same page, this can be a quick way to lose customers and revenue. Imagine making claims and promises through your online advertisements, and then a customer experiences something completely different in-store?

3.  People want human engagement

If your online presence includes your team creating personalised messages and communication (even within campaigns), through to making the transaction and beyond, imagine how personalised the service will feel to the customer?

One word, differentiation.  Find what makes you different, and you find the key to sustainable growth.  Goodluck with getting creative!