5 Great Ways to Improve your Social Media Presence

1)Use incentives

If you are finding that your following on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) isn’t quite as large or active as you would like nothing works better than giving people a reason to follow your business. One way this can be done is by introducing giveaways, discount codes or prize raffles for following, retweeting, liking or sharing your posts. This can be an easy way to boost traffic and exposure to those that follow you and to potential new followers.  Customers and prospective customers will often engage more consistently when there is a chance of a tangible reward. It will also help to foster a positive reputation with your community and customer base as it shows your gratitude and thankfulness for your customers loyalty and business.

2) Post appropriate content

Often one of the biggest complaints customers give about business social media accounts is that the content is not appropriate. There major component to producing appropriate and interesting content is; knowledge of customer wants and needs. Whether you are a retailer or a services based business, it is likely you already have some idea of what your customers want or need. This can be improved by analysing your sales data for popular services or items you can make posts on your social media about things your customers are interested in and it will often tell you what else you should be promoting. For example if you’ve been selling barbeques or holidays to Spain recently in higher volume, making posts about those products or related products/services can help to encourage online and in store traffic as you are tapping into your markets desires and purchasing trends.

It is important when posting your content that you keep it interesting not only through posting appropriate content but also diverse content. Make sure to use the full capabilities of your social media. Using photos and videos to showcase content on your social media is a great way to make your account more interesting. For example try implementing a weekly product spotlight post where you post a photo of a new product or even a demonstration/promotional video of a new product or service. Prospective customers and returning customers alike will be more likely to engage with a diversified content approach.

3) Have a wider variety of content

Finding the time to write or construct high quality and unique content for your social media account can be time consuming so don’t be afraid to utilise the abundance of content already freely available on the internet. Providing links to articles or news stories that your customers might be interested in can help to boost your online activity and can encourage your customers to share content and engage with you in a variety of ways. Showcasing a variety of content can help increase your businesses exposure to a wider audience by tapping into other industries, events or trends. Just be sure to make sure that most of your content is still created by you and focuses upon your business.

4) Be active 

In order to help develop and keep your online presence it is vital that your social media accounts stay active. Keeping all your various social media accounts active can be very difficult so make sure you set reasonable goals. Whether you plan to make daily posts, weekly or multiple posts per week it is important to be consistent and don’t go for long periods with little to no activity. Not generating new content or being active will keep you out of your followers news feeds thus limiting your exposure.

While it is difficult to balance just how active you should be think about your customers and your demographics and decide what kind of content cycle you should undertake. If you post too little you run the risk of limiting your growth and exposure but if you post too much you run the risk of alienating followers or diluting the quality of your content. Both situations would be detrimental to your online presence so be willing to experiment and ask for feedback from your customers/followers on your social media. A decent starting point for your content could be aiming to make at least three quality posts a week.

5)Be Interactive

The last great way to improve your social media is a very simple one…Make your social media very interactive. While this sounds like ridiculously simple advice something that is called SOCIAL media it is often an area that is misunderstood. Making your social media presence interactive isn’t just about the number of posts it’s also about the type of interactions. Just posting information or promotional material is one thing but the most effective business social media accounts create a means for you to communicate with your customers or clients directly. Allowing your audience the ability to ask questions and provide feedback is an excellent way to make your customers/prospective customers feel valued and special. Just the simple act of making sure that if you are asked a question or are presented with a concern that it is answered and dealt with professionally and most importantly in a timely manner can go a long way to fostering more positive relationships and more positive exposure. Some specific things that can be done to boost interactivity on your social media are:  Schedule and promote Question and Answer times with guests or staff, asking for feedback from customers regarding policy changes or new products, posting polls, live tweeting events, conventions or competitions or producing discussion content such as “Which of these ‘products/services’ should we discount this month?” or “Which of these ‘products’ do you find most effective and why?”.

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