How Your Core Values are Effecting Your Business – An Insight with Sean Johns

Our core values drive our behaviours and our behaviours drive outcomes. If you consider this, when you look at the intrinsic culture of your business you will see that the areas of staff performance that you are most happy with and the areas you are least happy with can be traced back to their alignment or misalignment with the values you have personally and desire in your business.

There are no silver bullets in business. However, if you want to get close to what is at the heart of success its culture, this requires all owners to stop focussing on the outcomes (carrot and stick) and start focusing on the values. When the values of staff align with the values of the business then look out, we are on our way.

There is a very important point about values that I have learnt and continue to learn and that is that you cant change someones values. You need to surround yourself with people that share your values otherwise they don’t belong.  Once you have found these values you must reward and confront staff based on this alignment.

Where do we start? We start by defining what we truly believe are the core values and behaviours you want to see in your business.

For example.
I want people to be productive
I want people to be accountable
I want people who respect and show dignity to others
I want people who want to learn and achieve higher results and be part of a team etc.

how do I find these in people?  I look into their life and see what they get into and up to outside of the profession they are in. I would prefer to work with someone inexperienced that aligns to the values and teach them, than have the most productive staff member around that doesn’t want a bar of what I want. That is short term solutions to long term problems.

Therefore. Owners must be clear on the vision, clear on the purpose of why they exist and clear on the values that everyone in the business needs to demonstrate from top to bottom.

Remember this; A fish rots from the head and therefore we get the culture we deserve. Our values must be demonstrated at all times otherwise they are not valued at all and the credibility of the team leadership will diminish.