The Walls We Live In: Finding Inspiration

In the western world we are so caught up in everything going wrong in our lives, that we forgot just how fortunate we are.  What I want to propose to you today is not the idea that you are an ungrateful human with first world problems, but that while you sit behind an invisible line, there is a whole world out there of furthering your success and your happiness, however you choose to define these.

Why is it when you travel, you feel a sense of a freedom and limitless possibility that you tend to forget when back in ‘the real world”?  Society is structured in a way that we think there is a limit to our potential and to our success as individuals.  We live inside these self-limiting beliefs, and our negativity thrives inside these walls.  In fact, those negative feelings comfort you when you need to justify why you aren’t where you’d like to be.

When we make a huge change, why is it amongst the fear, we feel a boundless sense of liberation and inner strength?  “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all,” sums it up quite well.  We have to choose the good kind of fear, or we are never challenged, and without challenge, we do not grow.

Why is it that other people can inspire us at all?  We are all connected.  When you start to recognise everyone as the delicate, insecure, strong, honest, lying, and simply striving people we are, you break down the walls that put anyone above or below you.  When we stand beside each other, we view the world from the same perspective in all it’s beauty and horror.  We allow ourselves to unify and reach for common goals.

When you realise our lives here in Australia are way beyond just surviving but an opportunity to create any world we see fit, you will feel the whole pack of cards in your hands.

When you feel that you have any limitation, just remember we made it to the moon and there are people still kickin’ it who were born in the 1910’s.

You ARE your power source.  The inspiration you are looking for is already within you, and someone else’s words only ignite that.  If you are looking for wisdom, look within yourself.  You know what you want and don’t want, no one needs to help you figure that out.  Whether you want more money, a better house, a closer family, a change in your community or on a large scale, or completely transform your insides and have a spiritual revolution – GO FOR IT.

Lastly, something I read yesterday that I will leave you with:

  • Write down a list of things that make you happy
  • Write down a list of the things you do daily
  • Compare the lists
  • Adjust accordingly