Ace-Resurg USA Workgroup Program 2015

As Mike Aylen returns from the first round of workgroups having gone coast to coast from California to New Hampshire, new business intelligence abounds. The big news is; current members inviting another 20 new stores and members into their workgroups, the expansion of Mike’s business coaching into Central America and Margin Master specific coaching in the Northeastern US as well as NT-Australia, but most importantly the business intelligence and best practice gained from the program.

Mike returns in June to head to Alaska with “The Nanook Group” to explore more unique and successful business models.

With 40 members and $200 million in sales and Ace executive team members attending the workgroups the biggest challenge remains how to continue to maintain and grow our businesses while trying to “Beat the Big Box.” Mike has brought many strategies back down under as we face the exact same issues and challenges in Australia.

The key opportunities are focussed on the need for continuous business and profit improvement innovations that will integrate systems, data and processes to combine with “on the floor” expertise to drive profit and growth.

Watch this space as Mike and Resurg push forward with our Product Performance Dashboards to add the systems & data innovation to take our businesses to the next level!