Business Today: Fast Facts

The Technology Driving Business

There are four key technological factors driving innovation and growth in business today that have been discussed in almost every major business publication, these are:

1. Big Data and Real-Time Analytics

2. Cloud Computing Solutions

3. Social Networking

4. Anytime, anywhere communication through internet connectivity (Telecommuting etc)

These four areas of business are seeing exponential growth and not only in technology industries, over the coming decade more and more industries will have to come to grips with the evolving technology landscape in business.

Video: Managing People by Steve Jobs

For any business owner or manager it is important to be constantly reflecting upon your management style and practice. This video of Steve Jobs talks about delegating responsibility to foster positive team environments and how to retain great employees through running a business by an idea rather than hierarchy. This video touches briefly on the idea of a “Catholic” business and a “Buddhist” business (although it isn’t mentioned formally). These business models are run through rigorous structure (Catholic) and one that is run by unifying philosophy (Buddhist e.g. Apple)

Video: Animation – Motivation and Driving Employees

This video is a great animation that is easy to understand which discusses motivation and driving employees based on academic research. This video talks about incentive based reward systems and why, when and how they work. The video also discusses positive motivational models with real examples and the elusive purpose motive. While the video is ten minutes in length there are some great insights in this video that can be taken in during a lunch break or on your daily public transport commute.