Predicted Business Trends and Practices For 2016

This article will focus upon listing some of the business trends and practices predicted for 2016 by various media and business groups.

1) Same Day Delivery and On-Demand logistics companies will continue to grow as larger companies (Uber, Amazon, Woolworths) test their capabilities in this growing industry.

2) There will be a large increase in the number of businesses up for sale due to Baby Boomer’s reaching retirement age.

3) Customers will wield even more power over businesses through social media technologies that are focused on product/business reviews.

4) Customer relationships developed through personal relationships and human connections will continue to play a vital part in repeat and return business despite the growth of technology that limits this factor.

5) Businesses will be looking to increase both their cyber security and their data security capabilities.

6) There will be continued large-scale adoption of cloud computing for large and small businesses alike.

7) There will be an increase in the number of businesses that use mobile ‘beacon’ marketing or mobile location-based marketing.

8) Businesses will have more reasons to develop their mobile marketing and websites as search engines weigh mobile friendly sites much more heavily in their ranking algorithms.

9) Businesses will utilise applications that are mobile friendly and cloud based to help them run their front, mid and back office. The ability to work from your mobile will be a growing trend within 2016.

10) Data analytics will be the focus for small businesses in 2016, while emotional and predictive analytics gains ground within the business world.

11) The costs of cloud computing will continue to fall but the cost of cloud management and analytics will remain steady as demand grows.

12) There will be an increase in top-level domain names in 2016, such as those that are delineated by location “.syd” or by profession/field “.lawyer” or “.it”.

13) Businesses will need to update their payment systems to utilise the many online and alternative payment methods (Square, Bitcoin, Apple/Google Wallets, NFC Technology, mobile payments and EMV chips etc).

14) The small and medium business world will see a huge increase in the “software as a service” market. Applications such as Office 365, Google Apps or Okta will see a significant amount of growth within the SME marketplace.

15) Technological accessibility (huge supply and low costs) in the realms of PoS Systems, CRM Software and Marketing Platforms will help support the continued growth of start-ups and small businesses.

16) Adapt or Die will be a trend that gains more traction within 2016 as businesses that do not familiarise themselves with new technologies and growth areas such as cloud computing, data analytics and ‘software as a service’ will suffer the consequences.

17) Increasing employees social engagement within businesses through social programs and charity programs will be increasingly popular to building healthy work cultures during 2016.

18) There will be a resurgence of the traditional marketing fields of relationship building and word of mouth marketing as the market becomes further saturated with social media marketing.

19) There will be a huge increase in the amount of targeted marketing carried out by businesses in all industries to combat the mass generic marketing that is the stable of the digital age.

20) Small businesses will utilise modern tools such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Smallknot, Rockethub or Youtube to build hype and access funding for development directly from customers. They will also use these platforms to offer genuine and mutually beneficial communication.

21) Video marketing and real-time customer feedback will be a huge growth area through platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat and Twitch among others.

22) There will be continued growth of “Re-Marketing” within the advertising world and small businesses may come to rely on pay per click advertising schemes.