Mass Marketing With A Twist: Data-Driven Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) Campaigns

In the digital age, everyone is bombarded with information in particular email information. With that in mind, it can be difficult for businesses launching email based marketing campaigns to distinguish their campaign from the countless others that are sent to people on a daily basis. How businesses can make their campaigns stand out and increase their business’s sales and profits is by launching a data-driven Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) campaigns.

What is a data-driven eDM Campaign?

An eDM is a campaign that targets a group of prospects or clients and is focused on developing relationships or generating leads for businesses. While this may sound similar to a standard email marketing campaign it is actually much more rigorous. An eDM is not simply about emailing as many prospects as you can and hoping for natural conversions from the sheer number of targets. An eDM campaign is about distributing personalised marketing material to a targeted group of prospects generated from data (point of sale data, purchase histories, demographics, supplier incentive programmes etc..) analysis or a strategic objective and then using the data captured from your emailing to engage the prospects with other marketing tools. Emailing is just the first step in an eDM campaign that looks to turn leads into profit for a business.

How does an eDM Campaign use data?

At the initial and most basic level an eDM campaign will allow businesses to examine the opening habits and click through rates of their prospects from their emailed material.  While this may not seem very useful it can be an exceptionally powerful marketing device when you consider the implications of this information when implementing other lead conversion tools such as direct sales calls, SMS notifications, physical mail outs, traditional advertising and remarketing. To better explain the importance of using data to drive an eDM campaign we will use an example of a travel agency although any business that captures customer information through their point of sales system or transactional data would be a prime candidate.

A simple example of an eDM campaign

For the example let us consider a travel agent that wants to run an eDM campaign that targets past customers who have booked flights and hotels to Europe two years ago (This is called list segmentation, an important step to any marketing). The initial step might  be that the business owner sends out an email campaign showcasing specials, discounts and advertising related specifically to Europe as they know these individuals have an interest in the region. After the emails are sent business owner “Sarah” notices that of all the links within her email a high percentage of individuals click through to her website or the campaign page about “European Bus Tours” and the same users also click through on the 2016 European flight specials. This tells Sarah two things, firstly there is an interest by customers in bus tours in Europe and also a potential opportunity to package flights plus bus tours.

Sarah upon analysing this data decides to then takes initiate a two-pronged direct calling and mail out campaign targeting those two products(Europe flights and bus tours) for just those individuals who clicked through on the links. At this moment the campaign is highly segmented, personalised, targeted and driven by genuine interest in a product, all signs are good for a decent conversion rate. Sarah keeps her sales team busy and probably sees a fairly decent return on investment.

You might be thinking well that all sounds great but it sounds a little difficult to do what with organising mailing platforms, graphics, list generation etc.. or it doesn’t seem like there is much data analysis actually going on…Well, that’s because this brief scenario is only the very tip of the data analysis possible with eDM campaigns. A business intelligence company such as Resurg could in fact further enrich the campaign by providing an even higher level of data analysis. For example with enough expertise in data analysis, it is possible for even more highly segmented lists to be generated based on a business’s point of sales data and it may also be possible to use some predictive analytics to qualify prospects.

As mentioned previously where the true value of using data specialists unfolds is in when complex analysis occurs across your segmented list to provide predictive scores for each targeted customer. What this would look like is that instead of having a list of 100 hundred prospects who all clicked on your email links and are segmented to match your campaign, you would have a list of 100 prospects all ranked against each other based on captured and available data to predict which prospects would be the most likely to participate in your campaign and or those that would possibly provide the largest yield for your business.

This article has been to provide a brief look at the potential eDM campaigns have for shaping and changing the way your business conducts its marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a travel agent, retailer or specialist vendor; anyone that captures customer data can reap the financial benefits of data-driven Electronic Direct Mail campaigns. Don’t settle for long standing, less effective marketing methods to grow and develop your business, engage with the revolution that is data-based marketing.

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