How to Improve your Digital Marketing

1. Be a critical consumer of marketing material

When it comes to Digital Marketing business owners have to be critical consumers of marketing material. What this means is that owners need to ensure that they are examining the digital landscape for best practice and strong strategies for digital marketing. This might involve investigating companies within your industry or brands that you admire and analyzing what they are currently doing in the digital marketplace. In order to launch your own successful digital marketing campaign business owners need to be aware what current digital marketing works and be able to identify what makes a good or bad approach by being a critical consumer who analyses the good and the bad on any approach they find themselves exposed to.

2. Target your audience not everyone

Like conventional marketing you can’t possibly distribute material that will work equally with the entire potential market. Digital marketing depends upon your ability to segment out your customer base and analyse the demographics of those that are most susceptible to your service or product. To do this it is vital that you engage with your customers and record vital data about your interactions. There are a few ways to do this:

A. Seek feedback on your product or service through a means that is easy for customers to engage with such as verbal post booking sales, email surveys (short) or quick post trip phone calls. Easily captured, concise information in large quantities is the best kind of information.

B. Engage with customers across the entire digital landscape such as forums, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, TripAdvisor, Pinterest), email or through blog/website comments. It is vital that you store the information you gather.  Useful tools for monitoring your social media are Hootsuite, Sprinklr and Sprout Social.

C. Have a positive and consistent approach to dealing with complaints.

D. Conduct marketing research (small in scope, looking for specific answers) and feasibility assessments. A great set of tools for conducting small scale yet excellent market research are Google Trends and Google Surveys.

A digital marketing strategy that has all of this information at its disposal is that much more likely to have a higher rate of conversion and thus a higher chance of increasing your profit.

3. Talk to your customers the way they like

This point ties closely into targeting your audience however it is vital as there really is no point conducting a digital marketing campaign that isn’t seen. While most internet user surveys show that people prefer to receive marketing material via email as opposed to mail outs or phone calls there are large swathes of the population who find applications with ‘push notifications’ (Popup notifications about sales and discounts) and social media sales (limited time period) to be the best sales method. Those types of marketing systems target the often untapped market of the millennials.

4. Understand how Google and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) impact your digital marketing

Fully understanding how websites are ranked and tracked by the various search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo etc) is a complicated subject area. With that being said a company doesn’t need a huge budget to improve their SEO. Below is a list of four methods that any person with an intermediate level of web design knowledge could look at to improve their websites Search Engine Optimisation.

  1. Structure: It is vital that your website contains the standard structure of most websites this includes such things as a site map, about us section, contact us section, services page. A great thing about this particular element is that most website design tools such as WordPress have templates that come stock built with the basic structures required for beginning web design. A further improvement could be to look at where your users are landing and to improve those major draws; this can be investigated using a tool such as Google Analytics.
  1. Content: A simple and yet hugely effective method of improving your SEO rankings is through producing high quality content on your website. This could be as simple as producing a high quality blog that utilises excellent industry keyword usage or more advanced methods like unique, branded tags and page descriptions. A great article that talks about the simple ways to improve SEO is provided by Xero the cloud accounting software provider. Click this link to check it out SEO For Small Business.
  1. Keywords: Keywords and how to use them is something that always comes up during any discussion about SEO and often there is too much value assigned to them. It is important to note that using too many keywords can be just as detrimental if not more so than using not enough to your websites ranking and search mapping. Keyword usage should be treated strategically; every page should not be stuffed with keywords that may not even make sense in the context of the page. Keywords should be used correctly, in context and only when it’s appropriate. A great way to use them is to tie them into the meta-tags on pages or include them in the content tags/categories and in image titles.  If you aren’t sure what keywords you should be using tools like Keyword Planner or Google Trends as mentioned earlier could be a great beginning step.
  1. Ease of access: The final short tip is to ensure that your website is accessible through the most common browsers and devices. In particular there has been a recent shift in SEO algorithms to prioritize those websites that have a functional mobile website. This is because recent internet statistics have shown that the mobile web browsing volume is growing at a substantially quicker rate than traditional web browsing.

5. Understand Pay Per Click advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is an excellent tool for targeting specific audiences based off their keyword searches. That being said it can be costly, business owners must very selective on the market that they want to target and how much they want to invest. Below is some useful information regarding Pay Per Click advertising:

  • You are only charged when a customer clicks on your ad and follows through to your website.
  • You can track the source of each click in detail due to a tracking code.
  • You can be very specific on who your ad targets.
  • You can trial a variety of keywords for minimal cost.

One simple but often overlooked complication about Pay Per Click advertising is the fact that while a customer may land on your website the conversion rate of that traffic to sale and therefore profit is dependent upon your website content.

This article is just a small taste and reminder about the basics to digital marketing. For further information regarding this topic it might be worth going back and reading the below articles:

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