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Making a Customer a Client

“A G’day Goes a Long Way”  Confusion seems to abound in today’s market when it comes to identifying what is “best practice” in terms of customer service. We live in a business age where conversation is almost viewed as obsolete. We email, SMS, Tweet or just “Google It”. A mobile phone, is not actually a […]

Successful Failure

Every day we strive for success. We work, study, negotiate and network to realize our dreams. Unfortunately, the goals we desire can sometimes fall in a dismal heap. How we manage that failure and what we learn from it, can play an integral role in our future success. Some of the most profitable businesses and […]

Becoming the Preferred Supplier

There is a lot of conversation at the moment in relation to preferred supplier benefits and sales and together with this several schools of thought in relation to what is best practice from an agency perspective. The reality is really that it needs to be looked at from two key perspectives; firstly that of customer […]

Staff Management: Different Perspectives

When two people look at the same photograph, rarely do they see the same details. One may notice the light bouncing off the turquoise ocean, while the other only sees the dilapidated beach hut. Differing viewpoints is part of human nature and makes life interesting, but in the workplace, perspectives that differ can have a major impact on business. Some staff […]

Travel Agents: Making the Unpredictable Predictable

One of the most appealing aspects of travel is unpredictability. Walking through a new city and finding a quaint café tucked in a side street can create memories that will last forever. The same goes with booking travel for our clients, sometimes in our research we discover amazing hotels and destinations. But what happens when unpredictability, such as a natural or […]