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Mass Marketing With A Twist: Data-Driven Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) Campaigns

In the digital age, everyone is bombarded with information in particular email information. With that in mind, it can be difficult for businesses launching email based marketing campaigns to distinguish their campaign from the countless others that are sent to people on a daily basis. How businesses can make their campaigns stand out and increase […]

Daring To Dash…Business Intelligence Dashboards

This article will discuss what a business intelligence dashboard is, some of its benefits for small business owners and some of the difficulties dashboards face for large scale adoption among small to medium enterprises. What is a business intelligence dashboard? A business intelligence dashboard at its most basic is a piece of software that displays […]

Predicted Business Trends and Practices For 2016

This article will focus upon listing some of the business trends and practices predicted for 2016 by various media and business groups. 1) Same Day Delivery and On-Demand logistics companies will continue to grow as larger companies (Uber, Amazon, Woolworths) test their capabilities in this growing industry. 2) There will be a large increase in […]

Aim For The Clouds: Cloud Computing In Small-Medium Enterprises

This month the innovation article will be focusing on Cloud Computing. We will be talking about what it is, how it works, a major misconception about cloud computing to do with security and why it is important to small-medium businesses. What is ‘the cloud’?  How does it work? To put it simply the cloud is […]

FREE Health Check for BIG 4 Holiday Parks

Resurg Group are now an offical partner of the “BiG 4 Centre of Excellence” providing profit improvement programs for all members. Resurg have been a trusted partner of BIG 4 for nearly 10 years, with proven programs to increase sales and profit for parks. Resurg provide a FREE HEALTH CHECK service for any park.  For […]

Innovation In The SME Environment: Success As A Workplace Culture And Hurdles To Innovation

“Rather than being ‘nice to have’, innovation should be a vital element in the way SMEs conduct business, collaborate and deliver to their customers.” Joined-Up Innovation: Culturing Success, p. 3; Pip Marlow (Managing Director – Microsoft Australia). Part 1 – Barriers To Innovation For Laggard and Cruiser Companies Just as Pip Marlow stated in the […]

Competitive – Transient Advantage: Is It Leaving You?

As was mentioned in the first article in this month’s newsletter this article will focus primarily on how to assess whether your competitive advantage is at risk of being eroded while also presenting some further reading and content regarding developing competitive advantages in small businesses. Within a business environment that is increasingly being dictated by […]

Business Innovation: The Transient Advantage

          As was mentioned in last month’s newsletter this month’s main article will be focusing upon Professor Rita Gunther McGrath’s writings about developing a transient advantage in business and how companies in rapidly changing industries should be undertaking innovation and strategy implementation. This article should be particularly useful for those business […]