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Business Today: Fast Facts

The Technology Driving Business There are four key technological factors driving innovation and growth in business today that have been discussed in almost every major business publication, these are: 1. Big Data and Real-Time Analytics 2. Cloud Computing Solutions 3. Social Networking 4. Anytime, anywhere communication through internet connectivity (Telecommuting etc) These four areas of […]

Business Innovation: Not Just A Buzz Word

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” Steve Jobs In business today consumers are spoiled for choice and have nearly unlimited access to alternative vendors due to internet. In this era it is no longer good enough to just be one of the multitude, in order to prosper, succeed and lead business owners must […]

A Word From Our Members

We sat down and chatted with the members of our helloworld Workgroups, and here is what they say about being in the program and the various benefits they experience.

The State of the Travel Industry

Travel The tourism industry has faced a few interesting years recently due to slower than expected growth rates and currency volatility on a global scale due to the global financial crisis. That being said there has been steady improvement in the metrics of the industry, a fact which is highlighted by a tourism report by […]

Federal Budget 2015: A Cautiously Improved Outlook For Small Business

Some journalists are characterising the budget as “the right budget” while others are calling it “confidence boosting” which is primarily true, particularly, if you are a small business owner with an annual revenue under $2,000,000. This budget for small business can be summarised by three things; tax breaks, tax cuts and tax code simplification. That […]

End of Financial Year: Part 2 – Strategic Management Review 

This article will be continuing on from the last article on the facts of your business that should be reviewed and considered when approaching the end of financial year. Working your way through this checklist will assist you in improving your business efficiency, business profitability and set a strong foundation for the year ahead.

Ace-Resurg USA Workgroup Program 2015

As Mike Aylen returns from the first round of workgroups having gone coast to coast from California to New Hampshire, new business intelligence abounds. The big news is; current members inviting another 20 new stores and members into their workgroups, the expansion of Mike’s business coaching into Central America and Margin Master specific coaching in […]

EOFY – Part 1. Strategic Management Review Consideration

As businesses are approaching the end of financial year they should be reviewing their strategic plans, management goals, budgets and operational processes for the incoming new financial year. While all of these elements are often reviewed periodically throughout the year, the fourth quarter is the time when you want to fully establish strong, tangible goals for […]