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Working from home means longer hours, fewer sick days, & fewer bonuses, according to a major report

The remote-working shift is hailed as the future – but new data highlights potential negative trends. Remote workers were more likely to work overtime and less likely to get bonuses, for example. Insider rounds up four key takeaways from the report. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted bold predictions that the future of work will be […]

It’s not just you – meetings really have spiraled out of control in the pandemic

Microsoft analyzed how users of its workplace tools interacted with each other in the pandemic. People are now spending more than double the time in meetings and receiving almost 50% more chats. More than half of surveyed workers say they’re overworked. If you’ve been exhausted working from home in the pandemic, here’s some alarming new […]

Achieve Success off Social Good

In 2020, it’s becoming clear that the priorities of large businesses have shifted immensely. More than ever, businesses are making an effort to break the status-quo by using profits to foster their consumer community for the greater good, becoming leaders in their fields in the process. Here’s a look into how 5 different businesses have […]

How to Market in a Downturn

In every downturn marketers find themselves in poorly charted waters because no two downturns are exactly alike. However, in studying the marketing successes and failures of dozens of companies as they’ve navigated recessions from the 1970s onward, we’ve identified patterns in consumers’ behavior and firms’ strategies that either propel or undermine performance. Companies need to […]

Top Tips on different tactics business leaders employ to get stuff done effectively

Amantha Imber, founder of innovation consultancy company Inventium, told Business Insider Australia she began the podcast “How I Work”, after hearing her clients say they don’t have enough time to focus on innovation. “I was looking around at people that I thought were really successful and great innovators,” she said, “And I thought, well, they’ve […]

Is Your QSR at Risk With Employment Compliance?

Compliance Analytics is your simple solution! A proactive and preventative risk management approach is key to avoiding damaging issues for the entire network. Compliance analytics quickly highlights anomalies and “de-risks” any potential liabilities. Currently, employment compliance is in the spotlight, particularly within the QSR industry. Breaches have seen many a brand’s credibility very publicly come […]