Why Resurg Dashboards are Becoming Critical to Networks

Resurg entered the market with the intention of breaking down the barriers between non-competing businesses in order to share knowledge.  This knowledge allowed businesses to increase their profit and productivity and the program proved to be a giant success.  With ever expanding groups and brands jumping on board, Resurg truly had found the key to the needs of business owners.

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Dashboard Tip of the Week

In the key results area of the Financial Monitor, located on the left side of the Consultant Performance page, you can identify where a consultant is under performing by results highlighted in orange and where they are over performing by results highlighted in green.  E.g.: Read more

Dashboard Tip Of The Week

Within your Sales and Productivity Monitor, you can review higher-level individual staff performance results against targets before refering to the Consultant page for more detailed information relating to each Consultant’s performance

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Financial Monitor Dashboard Tip: Consultant Review Analysis

When reviewing service fees, ensure you review against previous results and not just the benchmark, as many agents still simply bundle fees into the commission area.

Any reduction in performance against a consultant should be noted, and a review of total yield should also be carried out to see if this could be one of the key contributing factors. Read more

How to transfer funds from one account to another within your Financial Monitor Dashboard

Do you have any income or expenses recorded in your Financial Monitor Dashboard that are not related to your travel business?  If so, then you can conduct a transfer of funds from that account so that it is no longer reported in the Financial Monitor. Read more

Dashboard Tip of The Week

When viewing results, some people like to see numbers and figures whereas others prefer to see graphs and bar charts. Did you know that on the ‘Agency Summary’ page in the Sales and Productivity Monitor you can right-click on the graph for “Income Yield by Travel Types” and choose whether you would like to view the data in grid view or graph view? In fact, you can do this for almost every graph and grid in the Sales and Productivity Monitor and the Preferred Sales Monitor. Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Financial Dashboard

A new financial year presents a great motivator for business improvement. It also presents a prime opportunity for you to review your agency’s practices in terms of your Sales and Productivity Monitor (Financial Dashboard). Read more

Dashboard Tip of the Week

Would you like to know how you can quickly and easily use your Dashboard to help measure the sales productivity of your staff?

In the Sales and Productivity Monitor under the ‘Consultant Performance’ tab, you can quickly see how many trips your consultants have been working on each month by selecting ‘Other Key Results’. Now you can view the number of trips that a consultant opened and worked on during a month in the ‘Trips Worked On (Monthly)’section, and the total number of trips the Consultant has sold in the ‘YTD Number of Trips’ section.

If you’d like further information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Dashboard Tip of the Week: Measuring Your Success

As we are now in the third Quarter of the 2014 financial year we have reached the half-way mark, and it is now an ideal time to take stock of your business and see how you’re tracking this year versus the same time last year. To do this, log into your Sales and Productivity Monitor and choose “Financial Year to Date” on the Agency Summary page to view your Year-on-Year comparisons across the key areas of your business. Read more

Dashboard Tip of the Week

To get the most out of your Agency Summary page on the Sales and Productivity Monitor you need to get your Consultant budgets entered. As you can see below there are no income targets set for the Consultants. To set these click on the Budgets tab a the top of the page. Read more