How to Network in 2014

8710606842_a120a5d1c1_zMay of us wouldn’t like to think of ourselves as ‘networkers’ but almost all business

owners are. Whatever your business, your success relies on reaching as many
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Online Reputation Management

With emerging competitors in your industry, it is a critical time for business owners in the travel and tourism industry, to manage their brand and reputation to ensure they stand out in the crowd.  With social media it has become increasingly harder for brands to “appear” seamless.  Everyone has an opinion, and given a keyboard and mouse, they will use it in any public domain.  Why is this a big deal?  Ultimately, a damaged reputation will damage sales.

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The Variables of Communicating with Technology

Communication is a key attribute individuals must have to succeed in business.  It is the fundamental ingredient to any business relationship whether it is a partnership, customer relationship or employer to employee relationship.

While technology has slowly integrated itself into the work place, it is now without question an essential part of any business.  Employees are spending less time on the phone and more time emailing, people are spending more time shopping online than in stores.  While many consider communication to be mainly focussed on verbal communication, written is crucial, if not equal to but more important in the current climate.

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Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook to Generate Testimonials for your Business

In today’s digital age, social media marketing is well established as the loudest voice for your business, and the best way to use
social media is to persuade clients to advocate on behalf of your agency; a task that is far simpler than it sounds.

As part of the customer service industry sector, your brand values are about providing exceptional service, and presumably you would have a lot of raving fans of your business that would be willing to endorse your services.

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Email Etiquette Tips

Whether you like it or not, unless you are selling pine cones from a cart in the middle of the wilderness, email is an essential form of business communication for any business owner or manager, and poor email practices will reflect badly upon your business.

No matter what your generation or communicative persuasion, you need to be able to Read more