A Word From Our Members

We sat down and chatted with the members of our helloworld Workgroups, and here is what they say about being in the program and the various benefits they experience. Read more

The State of the Travel Industry


The tourism industry has faced a few interesting years recently due to slower than expected growth rates and currency volatility on a global scale due to the global financial crisis. That being said there has been steady improvement in the metrics of the industry, a fact which is highlighted by a tourism report by Tourism Research Australia for 2013/2014 which will no doubt be continued with their 2014/2015 report. The statistics and projections within last year’s report are a great way for agencies and providers to identify how the industry is evolving as a whole and Read more

How to Really Engage with Clients

Resurg recently attended a travel conference in Vietnam. There were 4 key areas that the best agents in one of the world’s major networks focused on.

One of these was the need to combat commoditisation with Client intimacy or in other words client engagement. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘delighting clients’ but what do these words really mean? When we are engaged by a client to organise their travel they ought to be happy if that work is completed as expected. Sometimes though, over the period of an engagement their Read more

Healthy Habits for Travel Agents

Rudolph Giuliani may well be remembered as being mayor of New York City on September 11th. However, before this
day he had already become world renowned as the person who transformed New York City from the murder capital of the USA to one of the safest capital cities in the world. Reading his autobiography titled ‘Leadership,’ it is apparent that one of the keys to his success was the ability to benchmark the performance of his administration and constantly communicate these results to his team.

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Travel Agents: What is the Culture of your Profitability!


Recently ‘Sean Johns’ of Resurg presented a workshop which looked at our key drivers of profitability and how important it was to concentrate on precise areas of our business and how such small or incremental changes in these areas can have such a significant impact to profitability.

Sean explained that the main focus on changing the financial performance of the business was ironically not about focusing on the financial numbers as this is merely the result of driving the right characteristics of the business (also known as LAG indicators).  The characteristics displayed in the DNA of the most profitable businesses in your network were defined as Read more

Travel Agents: Making the Unpredictable Predictable

One of the most appealing aspects of travel is unpredictability. Walking through a new city and finding a
quaint café tucked in a side street can create memories that will last forever. The same goes with booking travel for our clients, sometimes in our research we discover amazing hotels and destinations. But what happens when unpredictability, such as a natural or manmade disaster,
causes problems?

Unless you have a crystal ball, foreseeing travel hurdles is Read more