Mobile Business Intelligence

Access real-time data anywhere, anytime.

Make accurate analysis, reporting and planning, faster, easier and more accessible than ever before. With Resurg Performance Plus Business Intelligence Cloud Service, your business intelligence is as mobile as you are.

Enter Data

Resurg’s mobile business intelligence service allows users to gather and enter data on their mobile device from anywhere, at any time.

Data From Any Device

Mobile workforces can view, analyse and share data on any device, including tablets and smart phones, allowing them to make informed business decisions on-the-go.

Share Data

Mobile users can easily share data, analyses and reports between them, providing immediate and visual insight and ensuring the latest data is always available when needed.

Integrate Data

Resurg allows data that is captured from a mobile device to be integrated while on-the-fly. This ensures all information is up-to-date so mobile workers can make informed decisions in real time.

Start making better for your business.