Predictive & Advanced Analytics

Combine BI with predictive analysis for insight-driven decision-making

While business intelligence provides one of the best ways to understand what has previously happened in your organisation, predictive analysis serves to look ahead, allowing you to make decisions and take action for the organisation’s future.

Turn the past into the future.

Turn the past into the future

With Resurg’s automated predictive modelling technology, users can predict what is likely to happen and why it is likely to happen through accurate forecasting that reflects both business, and external, variables.

Manage many data sets at once

Resurg allows users to manage thousands of predictive data sets, at the same, for a more effective analysis.

Manage many data sets at once.
Analytics for all levels of the business.

Analytics for all levels of the business

Resurg builds analytic models at the lowest levels of the business, including customer, product, campaign, and store levels— to identify predictable behaviours and business processes. These can be used to predict the likelihood of certain behaviours in the future.

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