Resurg Features



Resurg Cloud’s business intelligence makes accurate analysis, reporting and planning, faster, easier and more accessible than ever before. It provides first-class security, reliability, scalability and performance

Go Global

Share data with your workforce, wherever they are around the world with products that offer multi-language support.


With HTML5 web technology, you’ll benefit from a superior user experience, greater accessibility, smarter storage, better interactions and the ability to take it mobile.

Single logical view

Resurg combines all data sources into a single logical view. Users are able to write, read and update data, regardless of its source.

Data Management

Resurg’s in-memory data management supports increased performance, reliability and scalability. It provides unparalleled speed across the entire analysis, reporting and planning process.

Server clusters

Share workloads on a virtually limitless number of servers for increased reliability, scalability and availability. You will also benefit from greater flexibility, network performance and business continuity.

First-class security

Resurg’s products are designed to provide first-class security to your organisation.  Combine data access, application rights and action permissions to different individuals, positions, and departments.


Drag and drop

Build your own sophisticated, interactive dashboards and reports with a simple drag and drop.  Just select the objects you want to include, drag and drop them in.

Mobile calculated metrics

With Resurg’s on-the go calculated metrics, users can create calculated metrics in formulas similar to excel and immediately use them in any analysis, report or dashboard.

Compare history

Analyse, compare and report on different times in the organisation’s history. Compare the previous calendar year, financial year, time periods and even monthly averages.

Take drilling anywhere

Resurg offers its users the flexibility to choose their own drill path. They can choose the one that best suits their current analyses or reporting. They can drill from one report to another. They can even drill back and directly access information into the source systems.


Modify data models

During the planning and forecasting phase, users can modify data models – by adding new products and markets – to establish their predicted effects.

Simultaneous data entry

Resurg’s technology allows for simultaneous data entry.  Users can enter data at the same time and changes will automatically update across all applications.

Superior data entry

Resurg offers the most advanced data entry capabilities around. This ensures your decision-making is based on the most current and comprehensive information available.

ERP database write-back

Ensure even greater efficiency around the flow of information with an automatic write back to your ERP database.


Resurg provides the modelling tools so you can test the alternative outcomes of various business decisions. Evaluate the success of a decision, before it’s even been made.

Reverse Algorithm

Resurg’s reverse algorithm capabilities increases the capacity to add changes across dimensions and hierarchies to the calculated fields.

Enter data, anywhere

Resurg’s mobile business intelligence service allows users to gather and enter data on their mobile device from anywhere, at any time. It is then instantly available to integrate and share.

MS Office integration

Resurg integrates its business intelligence, performance management and analytics directly into the familiar environment of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Business Modelling


Resurg offers integrated workflow management, including alerting and mailing, cell locking and triggered events, and data auditing and validation processes.

Simulation and scorecarding

Resurg provides users with the ability to manage changes to what-if models, as they occur.  Through scorecarding, they can display the progress of their objectives against the objectives themselves.

Microsoft Excel

Users can access and manage data directly from Microsoft Excel.  They can even edit data while offline, as data will automatically integrate as soon as they reconnect.

Aggregate data

Users can take data from various sources and present it on one place, dramatically saving time.

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