Create and Present Reports,
Databases and Analytics.

Resurg’s suite of business tools will help you create and present customisable reports, databases and analytics in a way that allows the best insight into your organisation. Use any of Resurg’s business intelligence capabilities to create your own interactive, real-time and synchronised modules.


Upload, review and edit data

Self-service capabilities allow you to create and analyse data models easily and quickly, using a setting similar to Excel. Simply select your files, then review, edit or combine the data.  Once you are happy with the changes, analysing your data is one simple click away.

Drag and drop objects

Build your own sophisticated, interactive dashboards with a simple drag and drop.  Just select the objects you want included in your dashboard, drag and drop them in.  You are now ready to run your analysis.  Drill down on any components of the dashboard for a more detailed examination.


Include business processes

Model the data on your typical business processes and create a clearer reflection of your organisation.

Easily create applications

A single, integrated platform for creating and running applications means building and working an application has never been so easy.

Start making better for your business.