Taking Your Business to the Next Level in 2014!

Resurg Senior Business Coach; Sean Johns

What is the Resurg Business Improvement Coaching Program?

The program is built on two principles:

The Foundation
Resurg has accumulated ten years of experience and extensive knowledge in driving positive business change, business improvements and management effectiveness by working with our clients to identify and develop the key drivers of business and industry best practices. Our experience has been gained by working directly with thousands of clients, small business owners, operators and managers who own the responsibility for the success or failure of their businesses.

Resurg combines our leadership in data management and business intelligence with our recognised, industry leading coaches, who are experts in their respective fields. Our coaches apply a tried and tested methodology, supported by business tools developed while delivering solutions for the thousands of issues, challenges, and failures experienced by our clients, as well as how to capitalise on the ideas and successes of our clients.

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