How Your Core Values are Effecting Your Business – An Insight with Sean Johns

Our core values drive our behaviours and our behaviours drive outcomes. If you consider this, when you look at the intrinsic culture of your business you will see that the areas of staff performance that you are most happy with and the areas you are least happy with can be traced back to their alignment or misalignment with the values you have personally and desire in your business. Read more

It’s the End .. of Financial Year – Time to Budget!

With Resurg Partner Sean Johns

Five Benefits to Budgeting

The same way many use January 1st to set personal resolutions, the fiscal New Year is a great opportunity to take stock of business performance and set targets that will lead to a prosperous and successful year ahead. The ideal tool for such an exercise is your 2013/14 financial year budget.

Small business owners generally spend less time looking at their p&ls and budgets compared to their corporate counterparts. One of the main reasons large corporates often require lengthy monthly reporting from their managers is to ensure they are taking the time to analyse the performance of their business and plan for the future. Taking the time to complete your budget for the next twelve months is a great way for you to ensure you are working on your business, not just in it.

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