Leadership: How to Change People without Causing Resentment

Getting those around you to change their behaviour can be one of the most challenging tasks a business leader faces.  We know what we would like to change about a person’s behavior but don’t know:  a) How to tell them without them resenting us or b) How to Read more

5 Reasons Your Team Isn’t Getting Along

The Five Dysfunctions of a team – Patrick Lencioni

“Not Finance. Not Strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate
competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and because it is so rare.”

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is written as a fable about a struggling technology company. The new CEO recognises that the company has innovative products and great talent, however the executives are not working together as a team, therefore wasting the advantages of the company’s potential.  The team falls into a blame culture, no one is accepting responsibility, deadlines are being missed and things are only getting worse. The purpose of the book is to show how a situation like this can be turned around by addressing the five dysfunctions of a team. Read more

Self-Management and Finding Your Strengths as a Leader

We often get asked for advice on how business owners can motivate themselves, especially when they are facing frustrating times in their business.  This month Resurg facilitator Chris Young takes some ideas from large corporations that small business owners can take on to help motivate themselves.

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Leading While Managing

There’s no denying managers are busy people, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to stop and think about whether we’re also being a good leader. The biggest difference between managers and leaders is how employees are motivated – a manager has people who
work for them, and a leader has people who follow them. Most managers can be great leaders but Read more