The Future of Smarter Business Decisions

Business Intelligence, Performance Groups and Analytics

As one of Australia’s finest business intelligence, performance management and analytics specialists, Resurg provides businesses with the tools for smarter decision-making by integrating their forecasting, data analysis and reporting into a single platform.


Why Resurg?

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Resurg seamlessly integrates business intelligence, performance groups and analytics into one, easy-to-use mobile platform.

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Self Service

Our self-service approach to data analytics means the whole team can easily access and use the data – even if they don’t have a background in analysis or business intelligence.

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Cloud Based

Resurg’s business intelligence service is cloud-based so your data is always delivered with first-class security, reliability, scalability and performance.

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Resurg’s suite of business tools will allow you to upload, review and edit data, build your own interactive dashboards with a simple drag and drop and model the data on typical business processes.

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Built On Trust

By continually delivering on our commitments and consistently adding value for our clients, Resurg has built a reputation as one of the most trusted leaders in business intelligence, performance management and analytics. The foundation of our partnerships with national and international franchise groups and multi-location businesses is based on the trust in how we will handle their data – trust in our systems, trust in our security and trust in our teams.

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